Sociology of Hmong Culture

Hmong fabricThis course will help participants develop a greater appreciation of the Hmong culture by focusing on the context of the Hmong American community within the wider diaspora of Hmong culture and society. The richness and complexity of Hmong culture is presented within the context of the Vietnam War and the Secret War in Laos. This course is open to anyone interested in the Hmong culture. Individuals working in education, health care, human services, mental health areas, law enforcement, and government will find the course beneficial as applied in their workplace settings. In addition, anyone who would like to enrich their personal knowledge will find the course an asset.

Benefits for the participant include:

  • Learn about the Hmong people in your community.

  • Improve your communication skills and understanding of another culture.

  • Apply what you learn to improve classroom curriculum, school and community relations.

  • Enhance cross-cultural understanding with clients and patients.

  • Create effective workplace relations and improve customer service.

  • Increase awareness of historical, cultural and global factors influencing Hmong resettlement in America.

  • Meet partial diversity requirements for university students.