Attention Deficit Disorders

Ruth E. Harris will present a dynamic, two-day course on Attention Deficit Disorders (ADD), including Asperger's Syndrome, appropriate for K-12 classroom teachers, special education teachers, school psychologists, school counselors and school administrators.

This practical, "classroom friendly" course will focus on strategies, accommodations, social skills, legal issues, medication concerns, 504 plans, IEPs and vocational and post-secondary education options. A pragmatic, up-to-date course manual will offer a wealth of information and resources on ADD and associated conditions.

Intended Audience:
This program is designed for an intermediate level of instruction for professionals within the educational, medical and behavior health fields, including teachers, special education staff, administrators, school counselors, psychologists, and social workers, as well as nurses.

Objectives: At the end of this course the participant will be able to:

  • Identify myths about ADD

  • Discuss the etiology of ADD

  • Describe the Triad Intervention Approach used in the treatment of ADHD/ADD

  • Distinguish the symptoms of ADD with and without hyperactivity

  • Discuss different types of medication and the issues with dispensing them in school

  • Identify five positive intervention strategies for ADD

  • Describe specific positive reinforcement interventions to enhance the self concept of the student with ADD