US Bank ProTravel Card FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions

What is this card used for?

  •  The Pro-Travel card is a state-provided institutional liability purchasing card to be used for selected business travel-related expenditures. Charges on this card are paid directly by the university.
  • Only a limited number of these cards will be issued, as the preferred method of purchasing employee travel is using the US Bank Corporate Travel Card. The University Controller must approve the application.
  • The Pro-Travel card can be used for booking student or group travel:
    • airfare
    • car rentals
    • lodging (including parking charges and internet fees)
    • shuttle service
    • taxi
    • travel agent or online service fee
  • ALL other charges (including any personal charges) are not allowed. Misuse of the card can result in personal liability of the charges and card cancellation.

What are the restrictions on the ProTravel card?

  •  Any additional charges at a hotel (i.e. phone, meals, movies, etc.) must be either paid in cash or charged to a card other than the US Bank Pro-Travel Visa since they are considered personal expenses
    • Since most hotels will automatically charge additional expenses to the credit card that reserved the room, traveler will need to alert them upon checking in that all miscellaneous charges must be billed to another card
    • Hotel will usually require another card be presented at checkin to be used for these incidental charges
  • Prior to checking out, the traveler is responsible to audit the hotel receipt to confirm only lodging, parking, internet and applicable taxes are being charged to the Pro-Travel card
    • If any unauthorized charges appear on the credit card statement that amount will be deducted from the traveler's claimable expenses OR the traveler will need to reimburse the Pro-Travel account by issuing a check to UW-Stout
  • The Pro-Travel card MAY NOT be used for
    • Any miscellaneous expenses while in travel status
    • Personal travel
    • Retail purchases

How do I activate the card?

When trying to activate the card, US Bank's automated system will request a social security number. Since it's a university liability card, your social security number isn't needed. At that prompt, just key in 0000 (four zeroes). That will emulate the information entered on the application.

What documentation do I need when submitting a TER with charges from this card?

  • TER is submitted as usual with all necessary documentation
  • Charges made using the ProTravel card must be itemized with the amount of the charge indicated in the direct pay column of the TER
  • Submit copies of receipts paid by the ProTravel card
  • Submit ProTravel bank statement or copy of bank statement with TER

What are the responsibilities of my department's Business Manager when I use this card?

  • To audit the documentation submitted by traveler to ensure all necessary information has been included
  • To reallocate expenditures. All charges on a Pro-Travel card will be coded as "Travel" with no distinction as to the nature of travel (e.g. workshops in or out-of-state, business in-state, conference in-state, business out-of-state, conference out-of-state, business foreign, conference foreign, student travel in or out-of-state). Expenditures will need to be reallocated from this default code to the proper travel account code.
    • Reallocations can be done during the period from when the charge appears online to when the statement is posted for billing. For dates of the ProTravel card billing cycle, please see the billing cycle chart.
    • Since the ProTravel card is linked to only one account, reallocations to multiple accounts may be required to split travel costs among multiple accounts. If the reallocation window is missed, then submit an Expenditure Transfer to accomplish the split.