Ground Transportation

Ground Travel

Rental car information is found using the UW-System travel portal UW TravelWIse  Click the Discount tab and then click the Car Rentals.

Personal Vehicle Mileage

  • Lower rate
    • when driving 101 miles or more and no non-availability slip from Fleet Vehicles
  • Higher rate
    • 100 miles or less
    • Driving to airport to fly out
    • Interview candidates
    • Non-employees (speakers, etc.)

NOTE: Employees and students must be authorized through Safety and Risk Management by completing and submitting the Authorized Driver Form. Students must complete this form yearly.

Mileage Examples:
  • Mileage to Minneapolis Airport
    • Mileage can be claimed at the higher rate only when flying out
    • Mileage to the airport is approximately 70 miles. We allow an additional 5 miles for off-site parking which means we can reimburse 75 miles one-way
    • Reminder - Mileage can only be claimed from home if your home is closer to the airport than from campus

Fleet Vehicle

Click Fleet Vehicles to reserve a fleet car.

Online Mapping Sites

Mileage when calculated by Accounting Service is done using Mapquest

Wisconsin Department of Transportation

WDOT Travel Information - Road conditions, construction info provided by WI Dept of Transportation