PIR or Payroll

Payment for Personal Services  

A determination must be made relative to the existence of an employee-employer relation between the individual and the institution in conjunction with the services being performed.  If such a relationship exists, the individual must be paid by payroll. UW Stout students and employees of other State Agencies must be paid on their home payrolls.  Current employees of UW-System, whose services are provided outside the scope of the individual's employment at the home institution, are paid on UW-Stout's payroll.  Contact Human Resources for additional assistance and information on this matter.  

Before submitting the form, Payment to Individual (PIR), to Accounts Payable for processing, carefully consider the following:

If there's any possibility the individual should be put on payroll, the department is required to complete and attach the Determination Questionnaire to the PIR prior to submitting.  (See links below)  If the questionnaire isn't attached, the PIR will be returned to the department to have the form completed before it will be processed.  

After completing the questionnaire:

  • If a PIR still seems appropriate, attach questionnaire to the PIR and send to Accounting Services who will verify non-employee status and process for payment. 
    • Include a W-9 Tax ID form if the individual is a new vendor
  • If a PIR isn't appropriate, contact Human Resources with questions regarding putting the individual on payroll.  

Employee/Independent Contractor Determination Questionnaire

PIR Form

W-9 Form