A UW-Stout Preprofessional Program


University of Wisconsin-Stout does not offer a degree in law. UW-Stout does, however, offer a preprofessional curriculum in the environment of a smaller university. Students typically complete a Stout degree in Applied Social Sciences; Business Administration; Human Development and Family Studies; or Psychology, while paying attention to recommended coursework.

As soon as possible, you should determine the entrance requirements of the school of your choice to help plan a specific preprofessional program for eventual credit transfer.

Several regional schools offer law degree programs. The following is a partial list:

Hamline University
St. Paul, Minnesota

Marquette University
Milwaukee, Wisconsin

University of Minnesota
Minneapolis, Minnesota

University of Wisconsin
Madison, Wisconsin

William and Mitchell
St. Paul, Minnesota

In addition, the pre-law adviser has current catalogues from schools across the country, which are available to interested students.

Pre-Law Curriculum

There is no single set of courses which specifically prepares someone for law school and a subsequent legal career. The Official Guide to U.S. Law Schools encourages pre-law students “to fill your undergraduate curriculum with broad, diverse, and challenging courses.” UW-Stout’s general education requirements provides students with an opportunity to take such classes during their freshman and sophomore years.

The following is a selected group of interrelated courses which would well-serve a pre-law student. It is only recommended as a sample, from which the student could certainly deviate, but these courses follow the guide’s recommendation that pre-law students take courses which will teach them “to read, think and write well, and have some understanding of what shapes human experience.”


Freshman Year

First Semester
ENGL-111 Freshman English — Honors I 3 cr.
POLS-210 American Government 3 cr.
HIST-120 Early U.S. History 3 cr.
PSYC-110 General Psychology 3 cr.
SPCOM-100 Fundamentals of Speech 2 cr.
14 cr.
Second Semester
ENGL-112 Freshman English — Honors II 3 cr.
SOC-110 Introductory Sociology 3 cr.
HIST-121 Modern U.S. History 3 cr.
LOG-301 Introduction to Logical Thinking 3 cr.
POLS-250 Politics and Technology 3 cr.
15 cr.

Sophomore Year

First Semester
LIT-248 American Literature 3 cr.
MATH-118 Concepts of Mathematics 4 cr.
ECON-210 Principles of Economics I 3 cr.
FN-102 Nutrition for Healthy Living 2 cr.
STAT-130 Elementary Statistics 2 cr.
14 cr.
Second Semester
PHIL-235 General Ethics 3 cr.
SOC-315 Criminology 3 cr.
BIO-122 Introductory Biology 3 cr.
ENGL-347 Critical Writing 3 cr.
ECON-215 Principles of Economics II 3 cr.
15 cr.
These courses could be taken in any semester, depending on availability and the student's schedule. Some semesters, the student may also begin taking courses in their degree program.

For additional information, contact:

Bob Zeidel
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Phone: 715-232-2406