Mark Parsons

Mark Parsons, Vice Chancellor for University Advancement and Marketing

Parsons is responsible for oversight of the University’s fundraising and alumni programs, for helping determine the university’s overall marketing direction and efforts, and for representing those to the university's senior administration.  He also serves as executive director of the Stout University Foundation, and represents the university to alumni, parents and corporate constituencies.

Websites: University Advancement | Integrated Marketing


Phil Lyons

Phil Lyons, Vice Chancellor for Administrative and Student Life Services

Lyons serves as UW-Stout's chief business officer, overseeing the university's budget, advising the chancellor on financial management, and working with faculty, staff, students, and community members to accomplish university initiatives. He also leads the units of the Administrative and Student Life Services division: Business and Financial Services, Health and Safety, Human Resources, Physical Plant, Student Life Services, internal audit, and sustainability coordination.

Website: Administrative and Student Life Services