2017-2018 Senate of Academic Staff Senate

2017 SAS Photo

1st Row (left to right): Linda Borofka; 2nd Row: Patrick Lytle, Ben Bechle, Provost Guilfoile, Katie Kramschuster; 3rd Row: Cory Mitchell, Bob Butterfield, Brett Roseman, Andrew Mercil; 4th Row: Jane Anderson, Mike Manning, Anita Wiese, Brenda Krueger, Mike Lee, Josiah Ray; Missing:  Stephen Collie, Tiffani Taggart, Sandy White, Curtis Wieland and Marya Wilson


Who Are Academic Staff? >>

We are professional and administrative personnel other than faculty and classified staff with duties, and subject to types of appointments, that are primarily associated with higher education institutions or their administration. Academic staff professionals are highly educated and hold a wide range of positions in which they directly and indirectly influence the overall quality of education received by undergraduate and graduate students, as well as individuals participating in non-formal education in the arena of outreach and non-credit education.

Academic Staff are also in charge of or directly involved with research that affects the quality of life of the people of Wisconsin and around the world. Some examples of Academic Staff positions include: lecturers, instructional specialists and program managers, faculty associates, clinical professors; advisors, counselors, financial aid officers; deans, career planning and placement specialists; scientists and researchers; registration and computer experts; directors and student services managers; research and instructional instrumentation innovators; outreach and continuing education specialists; archivists, curators, librarians, artists; engineers; administrative specialists, policy and planning analysts; and attorneys, controllers, consultants, and directors of computing.

Chancellor's Academic Staff Award for Excellence >>

Regents' Academic Staff Excellence Award >>


  • 1/12/18, 4 p.m. - Applications due electronically to Senate Office (one pdf). Please send to Linda Borofka at borofkal@uwstout.edu
  • 1/17/18 - SAS Professional Development Committee selects one finalist and submits findings to Chancellor.
  • 1/19/18 - Chancellor's Office forwards to Board of Regents the UW-Stout nomination and notifies the applicants of the outcome.

ImageNow Access Availability >>

All agendas, minutes, charges and resolutions are being converted to ImageNow. Staff will access these documents via ImageNow. Click here to access imaging:ImageNow.uwstout.edu.

All documents are in the drawer called "Senate office." If you don't have access to this drawer, send an email to imaging@uwstout.edu and request access to the Senate office drawer.

Contact the Senate Office at ext. 1789 with questions.

Inside Stout 2016-2017

A new employee cohort experience program for university staff and non-instructional academic staff.

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The Senate of Academic Staff values the opinions, concerns, and inquiries of academic staff at UW-Stout. Information received will be reviewed twice a month. Please click here to provide your feedback.