Tech Tips Newsletter - Creating Audio Feedback

Editor: Karen Franker
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Benefits and Tools to Record Effective Audio Feedback

Explore the benefits of incorporating audio feedback to build stronger instructor-learner connections. Discover free audio tools that quickly record comments-- often in less time than it takes to write them. 

‘Speaking to Students’ with Audio Feedback 
Debbie Morrison explains how to use a voice recorder app and Evernote to provide meaningful and useful feedback.

My Test Run with Audio Feedback 
Melissa Venable describes seven audio recording tools including Audacity and Screencast-o-Matic, and offers four “lessons learned” including privacy and file size issues.

Using Asynchronous Audio Feedback to Enhance Teaching Presence and Students’ Sense of Community (PDF) 
Philip Ice and others share results of a study which found that students who received audio feedback “overwhelmingly” preferred audio over written feedback, and felt it increased perceptions of instructor caring as well as sense of involvement in the course.

Audio - the Personal Touch in Online Courses 
Alastair Creelman reports on a study by Cavanaugh and Song which found that students in a composition course were more positive about receiving audio versus written feedback. Instructors tended to provide more global commentary via audio and more local commentary via written feedback.

Teacher’s Visual Guide on Giving Audio Feedback to Students on Google Drive 
Med Kharbach provides the steps to add audio comments to any Google document.

Kaizena Adds Support for Giving Audio Feedback on Google Presentations 
Richard Byrne describes how the Kaizena tool embedded in Google Drive allows instructors to add audio comments to Google presentations. 

Using Audio Feedback – Case Study (video 8:09 minutes) 
Simon McIntyre describes the strategies he uses to effectively incorporate audio feedback in his courses.

Tech Tip: Using Vocaroo to Make Voice Recordings

Richard Byrne shows how to use the free Web-based recording tool Vocaroo to create audio recordings and export hyperlinked files, QR codes, MP3, or WAV files. (video 2:41 minutes)

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