New Instructor Workshop

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During mid-August, NTLC hosts its annual workshop for new faculty and academic staff. This workshop focuses on teaching and student-related issues that directly impact new hires. Examples of effective strategies for teaching are shared, as well as research and service, often by seasoned faculty. One of the many benefits of attending this workshop is the camaraderie that is created and the wonderful networking that occurs. 

Woven into the event are opportunities for instructor dialogue, exchange of classroom teaching strategies, and new ideas. The workshop experience is designed to help instructors transition into their courses, learn about services and resources that the NTLC and others provide, and to connect to fellow educators who are passionate about teaching, and the research and service activities they are involved in.

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First-Year Faculty Program

This yearlong program provides a forum for new tenure-track faculty to explore issues that are beyond the scope of the New Instructor Workshop and are characteristic of ongoing faculty responsibilities. It offers 8 sessions designed to provide faculty with collegial support, access to seasoned faculty and administrators, and an opportunity to ask questions and network over lunch.

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Examples of sessions that were offered during the past year included: 

  • Student Motivation & the Reflective Teacher
  • The Teacher as Evaluator
  • Faculty as Educator – Tackling the tougher student issues
  • Faculty as Scholar– Effectively Navigating Scholarship
  • Faculty and Workload and Life Balancing Issues
  • The Teacher as Advisor
  • Charting the Promotion and Tenure Pathway
  • Celebrating & Evaluating Program Completion

Eligible tenure-track faculty members are identified from those who participate in our 3-day New Instructor workshop. While participation in the First Year Faculty Program is optional, for those faculty who do get involved, they receive a financial incentive. Guidance for developing the program originally came from Provost Furst-Bowe and Deans; funding for the workshop series and lunches was provided by the Provost's Office.

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Instructional Academic Staff Program

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This program is specifically designed for UW-Stout’s newest academic staff and adjuncts
who teach face-to-face and online courses. Through monthly meetings, they interact with
seasoned instructors and staff who cover timely teaching and learning topics, engage in
cross-disciplinary networking opportunities, and provide a supportive, safe space for professional dialogue.

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